Release Notes






New Features:

  • Compatiblity with Confluence Server 7.11.1

  • Added Jira integration, if Confluence is connected with Jira (Application Link, only the primary Jira connection is considered).

  • The tab configuration screen has now a search function for pages and blog posts.

  • Deeplinks from Bot now open in the current tab of a channel the user is working in (fallback personal confluence page tab).

  • Added new Bot commands (for details see ):

    • mytodos (if Jira is connected, Confluence tasks and Jira issues combined)

    • myjiraissues (if Jira is connected)

    • myreport

    • mywatched

  • The Bot help command now highlights all commands.

  • Added New Feature request link in Tab config-screen and on the Bot help command.

  • App "Connect MS Teams for Confluence" renamed to "Connect Microsoft Teams for Confluence".

Fixed Bugs:

  • Even if Bot was disabled it still answered. Fixed.

  • Fixed Bot name recognition if Bot name was changed from default "Confluence" to anything else.

  • Small visibility enhancements in GUI.

Update Instructions:

Known Bugs:

  • Deep-Links from Bot in Pop-Up App don't work (only Teams rich client).

  • If you have problems with reoccurring session logouts in the Teams Web-Client Confluence tab (e.g. Chrome), please check "Remember me" on the login-screen.

  • If you cannot use Keyboard-Shortcuts and/or Drag-&-Drop functionality in a Teams Web-Client Confluence tab (e.g. Chrome), your browser has some security restrictions applied. Please use the Teams rich client.


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